Friday, 29 May 2015


May has been a roller coaster month for us, with our last University deadline of the year, saying goodbye to our housemates and making plans for our long summer break.

We wanted to round up this amazingly busy, fun (and a little sad) month through some of our Instagram photos, so enjoy!

This month has been extremely food orientated for us here at Eleven Oh Seven, with the help of Because Of The Times and her University bucket list which included many places to eat in Cardiff. We took trips to new places (Five Guys and Bar 44) and visited favourite of ours: Barker Tea Room as well as taking a little trip to the super cool Street Food Circus:

As well as eating the month away, we also bid a tearful farewell to our housemates and the place we called home for the past year. Before we did that we made sure to send quality time with each other which resulted in a shopping spree and haul. We documented our desk/bedroom decor with a post showing you how we decorated our work space this year, and created a post with 10 things we'll miss about living with our besties.

We hope you enjoyed Eleven Oh Seven this month as much as we did! We're looking forward to June with a summer inspired theme, which we will announce on Sunday via our Instagram page.
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We hope you have a lovely weekend!
Until Monday,

S & K  xo

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