Friday, 8 May 2015


Last month saw my birthday in our Easter break, and to celebrate I spent a few days in Belgium with my boyfriend for a city break in Brussels. Since it was the first time either of us had visited before, we were excited to explore the beautiful city.

We stayed in central Brussels in an apartment we found on Airbnb, and it was such a great place! If you haven't used Airbnb before, I'd highly recommend it as we found it both cheaper and such a better experience than a hotel - our host lived close by and was such a great help when it came to local knowledge and helping us navigate the tram-system!

We had a lovely trip so I wanted to share some photos from our city break - enjoy!

  The Grand Place is both a favourite of locals and tourists alike - the architecture is beautiful!

Art is a big part of the culture in Brussels, with walls covered in paintings, and especially being the hometown of the cartoon artist that created Tintin!

We were happy to see a little bit of Wales against the backdrop of such an amazing place!

The Atomium is a definite tourist attraction in the city, and you can see why! Photos can never quite prepare you for how huge it is! The view from the top is pretty good too, especially on such a gorgeous day.

Belgium is also well known for its chocolates and waffles, and we definitely weren't shy when it came to dessert-trying! When in Rome, right?!

A favourite of mine was this biscuit-shop: Maison Dandoy. I couldn't resist their branding, as it was very Eleven Oh Seven!

The Belgians sure know how to do food, especially their fries! They're cooked twice which makes them extra irresistible, so good that I forgot to take a photo!

We also took the train to Bruges, featuring gorgeous medieval architecture, and of course, lots of beer...

Who knew Coconut beer existed?!

I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my Belgian adventures, and hope it inspires you to go and visit this gorgeous country.
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Have a great weekend,
S & K  xo

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