Monday, 25 May 2015

#STUDENTMONDAY: 10 Things We'll Miss About Living With Our Besties

Happy bank holiday Monday everyone, we hope you're making the most of this gorgeous three-day weekend!

For our last Student Monday post, we decided to reminisce our second year at University. We have so many funny and fond memories from this year living in our little student house that we decided to share with you our 10 things we'll miss about living with our besties.

The Bellas!
Source: Turner Turner

1. Being Seconds Away
If we were feeling bored, happy or sad, we knew we always had each other to go to for a chat, moan or talk about anything any time of the day or night. It's such a great feeling to be surrounded by a group of amazing people you can bond with so much!

2. Dominos Night
Three words: Two for Tuesdays. This treat would help us through hard days at Uni, and was a time for us to socialise and relax.

3. Getting Ready Together
This was like having your own personal stylist, DJ and make up artist with you to get ready before a night out (because you always need a second opinion regarding the evenness of your winged eye liner!)

4. Pretty Little Liars Sessions
By the end of season six, us and Katie from BOTT were obsessed with this show. We didn't just watch episodes, we would end up reading predictions online to try and work out who A is, I mean WHO IS CHARLES?!

5. Half-Hour Goodnights in the Hallway
Usually before you go to bed you wish your housemates goodnight and then go into you room. This didn't happen with us! Almost every night it would take us half an hour to say goodnight to each other as we always found something to talk about outside the bathroom!

The half-an-hour-chat culprits 
Source: Turner Turner

6. Cooking
Whether it was cooking spag bol, burritos or baking pancakes, dinner time was always a social part of our day in the house, with the kitchen being the hub of all kinds of food!

7. Sundays on the Air Bed
Courtesy of Turner Turner, Sundays were always reserved for lounging on the air bed we'd set up in the lounge for eating snacks and watching episode after episode of Real Housewives. For us, this was the only way to end/start a long week.

8. Working Together...With all of us having a constant stream of Uni work to do, it was always good to know that we weren't missing out on any fun, and all motivated each other around deadline-times!

9. And Procrastinating Together!
After hours of work, we were all more than happy to take (possibly too many) breaks and distract our minds with many games of Heads Up and crazy YouTube videos like this one!

10. Late Night Ice-Cream Runs
Sometimes, Ben and Jerry's and some girly films are the only answer to long weeks and deadline days. We're thankful for the group trips to Tesco to top up on ice-cream after a bad day and never being judged for our sweet treat cravings!

We woke up like dis... Halloween Edition...

So there are our top 10 things we loved and will miss about living together in our Uni house. We could've gone on and on!  Be sure to check out two of our talented housemates: Because of the Times and half of Turner Turner and show them some love!

Do you have any funny or fond memories that you have with your housemates? Let us know on Twitter, we'd love to hear them!

We'll see you on Friday for a round-up of May for our last post of the month.

S & K xo

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