Friday, 1 May 2015

FROM US TO YOU: "You're gonna love May"

We couldn't resist putting one of these in... So many May puns!

Welcome to a new month at Eleven Oh Seven. This month is going to be bitter-sweet for us, as May sees the last month of us living together (we are trying not to think about it too much!) which leads us to this month's theme of Student Life in Cardiff.  This series will be called 'Student Monday', in which we will cover everything from a sneaky student-loan haul, 10 things we'll miss about living in a student house and student-budget friendly places to eat in Cardiff.

This month also sees K's Brussels post, where she gives you a glimpse into Belgian life on her four day city break last month, showing you Belgian cuisine and around the beautiful medieval town of Bruges.

We hope you all have an brilliant and fun-filled Bank Holiday weekend and are looking forward to another month here at Eleven Oh Seven!

S & K  xo

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