Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Hi everyone!

Another beauty-based post for you today, but I couldn't wait to share my #feelingspendy purchases with you! I recently went on holiday to Canada (which by the way, is SO beautiful in Autumn) and couldn't resist a visit to the beauty motherland that is Sephora. Considering we don't have this store in the UK, I think I was pretty restrained in my purchases: read on to see what I decided on!

Kat Von D: Ink Liner in Trooper

The hype surrounding this brand is incredible: I've been lusting over the liners (and more recently, the liquid lipsticks) for ages now thanks to beauty bloggers and YouTubers alike. I had my heart set on the classic Tattoo Liner but since the Sephora I visited were out of stock, I tried out the Ink Liner range instead. This liner has a felt-tip-like end that is so fine I just knew I'd want to try it there and then. The Ink liner is also waterproof and I can really say it stays on as the swatch on my hand was still there the next day! I really had to scrub it to get it off! As for on the eyes, it has a little less staying power but definitely lasts me all day, is super super pigmented and the point of the felt tip is so precise!  As I mentioned above, I was hoping to get a liquid lip (or 4) but again with this brand being as popular as it is, the shades I was after had all sold out. But alas, Kat Von D is now available to buy in the UK in Debenhams (and here's me thinking that I was coming home with products I couldn't get in the UK...) so hopefully I'll be able to get my mitts on the Lolita and Double Dare in the liquid lip range!

CLEAN: Rollerball Perfume in Skin

Having a perfume in rollerball form is perfect not only for travelling but also being on-the-go, you can just pop it in your handbag as it's tiny and light. Sephora had a great selection of these on offer and after trying multiple scents, I decided on this one by CLEAN. I'd never heard of the brand before but looking into it, CLEAN is one of the world's first 'conscious' perfume brands which I really admire. I loved this subtle scent so much (it includes two of my favourite smells: vanilla and amber wood) I couldn't not get it! And being an Au de Parfum, it really does last throughout the day, too, unlike most of my other big bottles of perfume.

Make Up For Ever: Ultra HD Concealer in Y23 and Y31

Finding the perfect concealer for me is a huge struggle. I always end up buying ones that match my skin tone when swatching in the store, only to find that when worn over or under my foundation they oxidise, turning muddy or orange-y. Not a good look, I think you'll agree. I'd heard great things about this concealer, and the Ultra HD range in general so knew I'd have to try it out to see for myself. This range offers so many shades with both colour correction and concealing properties. After swatching some shades in the store, I ended up purchasing concealers Y23 and Y31, mainly for the fact that my skin tone becomes a lot paler in the winter and don't want the wrong colour! I've used both of these and love them so far, and am using the lighter shade (Y23) as an illuminator of-sorts for under my eyes and it works so well. Another pro to this little concealer (it's a really tiny bottle for the price, I'll have to admit) is due to it's squeezy tube, you'll be able to get every little bit out.

Smashbox: Bronze Lights in Warm Matte

Winter is well on its way, and with that comes a paler complexion and the need for a little bronzer to add some glow to my face. I've heard great things about this bronzer online and not being able to buy it in my local Boots, I thought I'd see what I thought of it. The main draw to this bronzer for me is that it has a matte finish. As I have combination/oily skin, bronzers or contour colours with shimmer (whilst absolutely gorgeous) do not work for me - they just make me look greasy! The colour of this product is absolutely gorgeous as it gives me a really subtle glow that looks completely natural, just what I was looking for! Finding a bronzer that isn't too heavy means that I can wear it day-to-day which is just perfect.

So there it is - my mini Sephora haul! Do you have any of these products? What are your thoughts?
I think I can speak for S and myself that we really wish Sephora would just open in the UK already! Although that may not be so great for our bank balances...

See you Sunday

K  xo

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Sunday, 23 October 2016


Hello everyone!

As promised in last week's Halloween Costume Ideas post, this week we'll be talking our favourite creepy make up looks for the season. This year, we've been on the lookout for looks that are a little different from the norm, so keep reading to see which ones we've picked out!

One of our favourite beauty YouTuber when it comes to Halloween make up, Nicole goes ALL out with the halloween make up and we love it! 'The Candy Killer' is such a fun yet creepy make up look. We love the effect the the melting blue candy has: it adds so much depth to the look. Our favourite details within this make up look has to be the eyebrows and teardrop created out of real 100s and 1000s and the bleeding gum balls on Nicole's temples. As you can probably tell we are pretty much obsessed with this look!

From the huge blockbuster this summer, we can imagine a lot of people are going to be dressing up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. We love this make-up look as it’s simple to re-create, and you can go as messy and halloween-y as you like with it, adding cuts and bruises like the photo below. Just make sure to use the classic Harley colours of blue and red and don't forget the beauty spot!

This final look is definitely more creepy and harder to recreate, but looks incredible. Taking inspiration from Snapchat, YouTuber Jordan Hanz has taken the ‘face swap’ filter literally, imagining what it’d look like with a creepy face transplant.

This half skull make up look by Desi Perkins is pure scary. Although we find this make up look quite chilling we also really appreciate the art and skill that has gone into creating it. We love how Desi has incorporated some glam into the look on the left eye, the texture of the dripping skin is just genius! The skull element of the make up look is created to a high standard and looks clean and detailed which is tricky when you're working with black and white face paint: it's so easy to end up with just a grey smudgy mess! Bravo Desi!


Halloween-Inspried Nails has become a bigger trend than ever this year too which we LOVE. Here's a few of our favourites: ‘no nails’ nails - a simple idea but done SO well and these amazing ghost/shadow nails created with a gel polish. Both done by nail artist Narmai.

We hope this post has inspired you to be creative with your make up look this halloween. If you wanted even more inspiration we also created a similar post last Halloween which you can find here. 

S & K  xo

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Hello Everyone
It's official, coat season is upon us. In the last week Wales has experienced freezing fog, torrential rain and bitterly cold wind.  Winter has most definitely arrived in the last seven days. For me, as someone who feels the cold, coats and jackets are a must over the winter months. I've spent the last few weeks browsing the high street in search of a new winter coat/jacket. Today I wanted to share with you my favourite styles ruling the rails this season.

2. Topshop 
The puffer coat is one of the most popular trends this winter. I love how warm and cozy it looks, like you are wrapping yourself in a duvet. Choosing the perfect one for you will be easy as there are so many out there to choose from. Khaki to red, long to short  - there is something for everyone. My favourite is the navy one from Topshop.

For a smarter coat this winter the woolen trench is still the number one choice. The tailored cut of the coat creates the ultimate girl boss outfit, perfect for those cold yet dry days during winter. This grey one from Topshop has gone straight to the top of my wish list.

Who doesn't like a shearling jacket in the winter, it's just like being wrapped in a blanket all day. I am loving the way the high street are experimenting with different colour ways for the classic jacket. My favourite is the khaki one from Marks & Spencer. 

I hope this post has got you as excited as I am for coat season.

See you Sunday for another Halloween inspired post.
S  xo

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Sunday, 16 October 2016


Hello everyone

Today marks two weeks and one day until Halloween eekk!!! The shops are starting to display all their Halloween treats and pumpkins, and Pinterest is filling up our home page with Halloween inspired pins: it's all very exciting! If like us you are last minute with your costume this year, don't worry - we have you covered. Today's post includes our four favourite Halloween costumes this year. From a unicorn to a skeleton, we've compiled a mix of spooky and fun ideas perfect for Halloween 2016. 


When I saw this unicorn costume on Pinterest I seriously fell in love with it, I mean who doesn't want to be a unicorn?! You can be as experimental as you like with the make up, covering yourself in vibrant colours and glitter - win! The costume can be as simple or out there as you like, a white outfit and colourful tail will complete the look making you the most majestic person at the party.


A classic Halloween costume, you can't go wrong dressed up as a ghost. Covering your face in white powder and adding black shadow around your eyes and cheek bones will make you look spooky and ghostly! A lace white dress and a white veil brings to life the creepiness of the costume.


Driven by the Snapchat filter, the deer costume has become so popular over the past few years. The make up and antlers are definitely the stars of this costume. Paired with a simple beige or camel colour dress, let the make up do the talking.


The monochrome make up and skeleton jumpsuit creates the ultimate spooky costume and is so easy to create. Many high street stores are selling skeleton themed clothing this Halloween, so finding the right one for you shouldn't be too hard. Go crazy with the make up! I mean black and white face paint covering your face, neck, chest and shoulders. Adding some fake blood will add a gruesome feel to the costume.

So there they are, our top four costumes for Halloween 2016. We hope this post has inspired you to go all out this Halloween with your costume. Next Sunday is all about Halloween make up. With one week to go we'll show you our favourite Halloween make up ‘looks’ any beauty-obsessed person will love.

See you Tuesday,

S & K  xo

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