Friday, 29 May 2015


May has been a roller coaster month for us, with our last University deadline of the year, saying goodbye to our housemates and making plans for our long summer break.

We wanted to round up this amazingly busy, fun (and a little sad) month through some of our Instagram photos, so enjoy!

This month has been extremely food orientated for us here at Eleven Oh Seven, with the help of Because Of The Times and her University bucket list which included many places to eat in Cardiff. We took trips to new places (Five Guys and Bar 44) and visited favourite of ours: Barker Tea Room as well as taking a little trip to the super cool Street Food Circus:

As well as eating the month away, we also bid a tearful farewell to our housemates and the place we called home for the past year. Before we did that we made sure to send quality time with each other which resulted in a shopping spree and haul. We documented our desk/bedroom decor with a post showing you how we decorated our work space this year, and created a post with 10 things we'll miss about living with our besties.

We hope you enjoyed Eleven Oh Seven this month as much as we did! We're looking forward to June with a summer inspired theme, which we will announce on Sunday via our Instagram page.
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We hope you have a lovely weekend!
Until Monday,

S & K  xo

Monday, 25 May 2015

#STUDENTMONDAY: 10 Things We'll Miss About Living With Our Besties

Happy bank holiday Monday everyone, we hope you're making the most of this gorgeous three-day weekend!

For our last Student Monday post, we decided to reminisce our second year at University. We have so many funny and fond memories from this year living in our little student house that we decided to share with you our 10 things we'll miss about living with our besties.

The Bellas!
Source: Turner Turner

1. Being Seconds Away
If we were feeling bored, happy or sad, we knew we always had each other to go to for a chat, moan or talk about anything any time of the day or night. It's such a great feeling to be surrounded by a group of amazing people you can bond with so much!

2. Dominos Night
Three words: Two for Tuesdays. This treat would help us through hard days at Uni, and was a time for us to socialise and relax.

3. Getting Ready Together
This was like having your own personal stylist, DJ and make up artist with you to get ready before a night out (because you always need a second opinion regarding the evenness of your winged eye liner!)

4. Pretty Little Liars Sessions
By the end of season six, us and Katie from BOTT were obsessed with this show. We didn't just watch episodes, we would end up reading predictions online to try and work out who A is, I mean WHO IS CHARLES?!

5. Half-Hour Goodnights in the Hallway
Usually before you go to bed you wish your housemates goodnight and then go into you room. This didn't happen with us! Almost every night it would take us half an hour to say goodnight to each other as we always found something to talk about outside the bathroom!

The half-an-hour-chat culprits 
Source: Turner Turner

6. Cooking
Whether it was cooking spag bol, burritos or baking pancakes, dinner time was always a social part of our day in the house, with the kitchen being the hub of all kinds of food!

7. Sundays on the Air Bed
Courtesy of Turner Turner, Sundays were always reserved for lounging on the air bed we'd set up in the lounge for eating snacks and watching episode after episode of Real Housewives. For us, this was the only way to end/start a long week.

8. Working Together...With all of us having a constant stream of Uni work to do, it was always good to know that we weren't missing out on any fun, and all motivated each other around deadline-times!

9. And Procrastinating Together!
After hours of work, we were all more than happy to take (possibly too many) breaks and distract our minds with many games of Heads Up and crazy YouTube videos like this one!

10. Late Night Ice-Cream Runs
Sometimes, Ben and Jerry's and some girly films are the only answer to long weeks and deadline days. We're thankful for the group trips to Tesco to top up on ice-cream after a bad day and never being judged for our sweet treat cravings!

We woke up like dis... Halloween Edition...

So there are our top 10 things we loved and will miss about living together in our Uni house. We could've gone on and on!  Be sure to check out two of our talented housemates: Because of the Times and half of Turner Turner and show them some love!

Do you have any funny or fond memories that you have with your housemates? Let us know on Twitter, we'd love to hear them!

We'll see you on Friday for a round-up of May for our last post of the month.

S & K xo

Friday, 22 May 2015


Happy Friday! Today's post is a personal one from us, showing you what plans we're making for the summer.

On Tuesday we completed our final presentations of the year, meaning for us that summer has officially started. This year's summer break will be an opportunity for us to research and prepare for our final year in University, as well as relaxing.

This year we decided to create a Bucket List to make sure that we take advantage of our time. To see what we have planned for this summer, keep reading!

Source: Kimbly Wright

1. Travel
For us this doesn't necessarily mean jetting off to a different country, we plan on discovering more places closer to home. London and Brighton are at the top of our list as well as S showing K around West Wales as the place she calls home.

2. Art/ Culture
We feel that immersing ourselves within art and culture is something that we should do more often for our creative development, so this summer we have some museum visits planned, starting with the Alexander McQueen 'Savage Beauty' exhibition at the V&A in London. We also love the idea of outdoor cinemas, and with the Luna Cinema coming to Cardiff Castle this year, we can't wait to experience it!

3. Live Music
Whether it's making last minute plans to go to a festival (we love the look of Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion!) or just seeing more gigs, we want to take more time to experience live music, and look out for emerging talent to add to our summer playlists!

4. Creativity
We want to use this time over the summer to develop our creative skills, from cooking and trying out new recipes to getting back into sketching and illustrating. We also want to get our craft on and give some of our Pinterest boards some love, trying out some DIY projects and bringing some of our interior design boards to life.

Source: Pinterest

Do you have a bucket list planned for this holiday? Or are you taking things spontaneously and seeing what the summer brings? Comment below or tweet us here to let us know!

Have a brilliant Bank Holiday Weekend, and we'll see you on Monday for our last #StudentMonday post!

S & K  xo

Monday, 18 May 2015

#STUDENTMONDAY: Places to Eat in Cardiff

Happy Monday! Today we have another Student Monday post for you which includes too many calories, but hey, it's the end of term so we all deserve a treat!

Last week our friend at Because of the Times moved out of our student house here in Cardiff, which meant we've spent the last few weeks finally getting around to completing her Bucket List. This included visiting a lot of places to eat in Cardiff.

Here are some of our favourite places to eat in Cardiff. Some we've loved since starting Uni, and others we've just discovered.

The Grazing Shed
This is definitely a firm favourite of ours, boasting the title of 'Best Burger Joint in Wales' last year. With a great range of beef, chicken and veggie burgers, having to make a decision is almost too hard! It's a healthier and better quality alternative to other fast food restaurants, plus they offer student deals too!

Wagamamas has become one of our favourite places to eat. The staff are always really friendly and the duck gyozas are always on our table! The amount of food you get for the price is well worth it too as we always leave this place full.

The Glassworks
One word: churros! It's these warm chocolate filled desserts that keep us coming back to the Glassworks. As well as that, their burgers and pulled pork are delicious choices. A great place to go if you are in need of a treat.

Mission Burrito
We love Mexican cuisine, and this relatively new addition to Cardiff's food scene is a great choice for lunch. You completely tailor your own burrito to feature exactly what you want, ranging from meat to toppings. We especially love the side order of tortillas with guac!

Yo! Sushi
This is a great option for students on a budget, with their Blue Monday offers, many dishes are £2.70 which is an excellent price. With a range of meat, fish and veggie sushi and rice and noodle dishes, Yo! Sushi caters for everyone, even non sushi lovers.

Cosy Club
The interior inside Cosy Club is good enough reason to visit in our eyes, but their food and cocktails are the main attraction. Our go to dishes are the club and fish finger sandwiches, washed down with refreshing cocktail.. or two.

New York Deli
Situated in High Street Arcade, this deli is the best place to go if you're in Cardiff, hungry and looking for a sandwich. Everything is made fresh for you over the counter, where you can choose from their extensive menu, and if you're feeling up to it, try out their famous hoagies - they're huge!

We're sorry if this post gave you major food cravings! If you know of any places in Cardiff you'd want on this list, tweet us at Eleven Oh Seven and keep up to date with us on Instagram to see all where we're eating next!

S & K  xo

Friday, 15 May 2015


Last weekend we took some time out of our crazy busy work schedules to visit Street Food Circus, Street Food Cardiff's latest offering in the trend with our housemates: Because of the Times and half of Turner Turner to seek out some foodie treats.

Situated at the site that No Fit State circus use, in-between elevated train lines in and out of the city centre, the theme of the event fit really well, and it felt like you could've been in Camden, not minutes away from the centre of Cardiff!

 The site was decorated like a carnival circus, with string lights, pallets and quirky umbrellas, a huge circus tent filled with seating, a bar (of course) and a huge disco ball. We loved the use of wood across the site too, with all these brightly painted boards to catch your eye.

K opted for a gorgeous falafel wrap from the Hemp Hut after the ever-popular Hang Fire Smokehouse ran out of their delicious pulled pork, and we all couldn't resist the smell coming from the churros stall: Mr Churros, having these treats covered in cinnamon and sugar and coated in chocolate.

If you're in Cardiff, be sure to check out this amazing collection of local food in an amazing location, running every weekend until the end of June. All details of the event, including a list of sellers can be found on their website here. Our tip is to turn up early-ish to avoid missing out on your favourite food and soak up the atmosphere from inside the tent.  We'll definitely be back to sample the amazing Hang Fire Smokehouse's food and some more of those delicious churros!

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Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday for the next instalment of our #StudentMonday series!

S & K  xo

Monday, 11 May 2015


Welcome to another Student Monday. This morning saw the last of our University assignments being submitted for second year (crazy we know!).  This has left us with two weeks before the start of summer, and before we move out of the house we've shared for the past year, we wanted to show you where we've been completing our University work and creating blog content.

S's Work Space 
I was lucky enough to have a workspace next to a window that generates a lot of natural light. This most definitely helped when I needed to spend a lot of time working on assignments at my desk. I definitely prefer working in a light, fresh and natural area hence the colours around my desk which I've decorated in pastel hues.

I've recently begun brightening up my work area with fresh flowers; this is a great way to add colour and life to your space. Today I wanted to keep it clean and fresh so I added white roses. 

Throughout the year, I've slowly been adding to my Polaroid photo display above my desk. It's nice to look up to all the memories I have created with my friends and family over the past year.

K's Work space 
Unlike S, my room only has a tiny window so it's a bit like a cave most of the time! I don't really like to work in this sort of environment, but it's given me the excuse to buy and decorate my room with probably too many fairy lights! I've tried to keep a girly colour scheme going throughout my desk area to brighten it up on dull days.

I also love these fake peonies as they brighten up my desk area and add some colour.

I love these cute and bright postcards from Paperchase.

I bought this copper wire-frame in Tiger a little while ago as I'm obsessed with copper details in homeware. I think Tiger have brought out pastel coloured versions of this now which would be super cute for S' room.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing where we've been working for the past year, and how we've been decorating this part of our student rooms. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with Eleven Oh Seven.

See you Friday! 

S & K xo  

Friday, 8 May 2015


Last month saw my birthday in our Easter break, and to celebrate I spent a few days in Belgium with my boyfriend for a city break in Brussels. Since it was the first time either of us had visited before, we were excited to explore the beautiful city.

We stayed in central Brussels in an apartment we found on Airbnb, and it was such a great place! If you haven't used Airbnb before, I'd highly recommend it as we found it both cheaper and such a better experience than a hotel - our host lived close by and was such a great help when it came to local knowledge and helping us navigate the tram-system!

We had a lovely trip so I wanted to share some photos from our city break - enjoy!

  The Grand Place is both a favourite of locals and tourists alike - the architecture is beautiful!

Art is a big part of the culture in Brussels, with walls covered in paintings, and especially being the hometown of the cartoon artist that created Tintin!

We were happy to see a little bit of Wales against the backdrop of such an amazing place!

The Atomium is a definite tourist attraction in the city, and you can see why! Photos can never quite prepare you for how huge it is! The view from the top is pretty good too, especially on such a gorgeous day.

Belgium is also well known for its chocolates and waffles, and we definitely weren't shy when it came to dessert-trying! When in Rome, right?!

A favourite of mine was this biscuit-shop: Maison Dandoy. I couldn't resist their branding, as it was very Eleven Oh Seven!

The Belgians sure know how to do food, especially their fries! They're cooked twice which makes them extra irresistible, so good that I forgot to take a photo!

We also took the train to Bruges, featuring gorgeous medieval architecture, and of course, lots of beer...

Who knew Coconut beer existed?!

I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my Belgian adventures, and hope it inspires you to go and visit this gorgeous country.
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Have a great weekend,
S & K  xo