Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Favourite Boxsets for a Rainy Day

Hi all!

Autumn has definitely arrived here in Wales, with non-stop rain and the cold starting to creep up on us. Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year but sometimes there's nothing more you want to do when it's pouring outside than to cosy up with a duvet and pop on some well-loved TV shows. I know I'm not the only one!
Here are some of my favourite boxsets that I find perfect for rainy-day viewing.


I mean, this one's a no-brainer! I've never met anyone who doesn't love this show, and it always manages to perk me up regardless of how many times I've seen the episodes. Not only are the episodes hilarious and have the best cameos, but the characters super relatable. We all know a Pheobe, right?!

Gilmore Girls

As previously mentioned on our Summer Favourites post, I've been super obsessed with this show since the whole 7 seasons appeared on Netflix over the summer. It re-introduced me to a show I used to watch after school and now I don't know how I went so long without watching Lorelai & Rory's hilarious lives and sarcastic comments.

Gossip Girl

Again, this is probably a no-brainer for many of you reading this! This show started when I was a teenager so I was 100% hooked from the beginning, but can re-watch the episodes and not get bored. The lavish lifestyles, the Upper-East-siders' wardrobes, the Humphreys' Brooklyn loft: it's such a different world from many that you can easily get sucked in and binge watch!

Gavin & Stacey

This may not be such a popular choice for some of you, and maybe some haven't heard of it, but this show never fails to make me laugh. It also helps that it's filmed in South Wales, so it's super relatable and I've grown up visiting the places it's been filmed. One of my favourite scenes will always be James Corden and Sheridan Smith rapping to Estelle's American Boy.


This show is definitely my guilty pleasure. I got hooked from the influence of S and another housemate from Uni who were serious fans of the show from the beginning, which I'm both grateful and maybe not-so-grateful for because I'm now so invested that I can't stop watching! I mean, will we ever find out who A is?!

What are your go-to tv shows to watch on rainy, dull days?
I hope I haven't inspired whole-series binges with this post, but I'm now off to grab a cuppa and get some more Gilmore Girls on the go...

Happy watching!

K  xo

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How to Deal With Homesickness at University

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This week marks the first week of freshers for many across the UK. For many first-time freshers this is an exciting time in your life, your first taste of independence and living away from home. Although this is a very exciting thought it can also cause some anxiety.
I believe that everybody experiences homesickness at some point during his or her first year of University. For some, homesickness can last longer than freshers week. I like 50-70% of UK students suffered from homesickness at the beginning of my University experience, so today I have decided to share with you some tips that helped me overcome my homesickness at University.

The symptoms of homesickness
As well as emotional symptoms like sadness, anxiousness and in some cases depression, homesickness can cause physical symptoms such as tiredness, lack of apatite, lack of concentration, dizziness and headaches.

 Stay in touch with your family and friends 
Keep in touch with your family via phone calls and Skype - this will make the distance feel less. Also social media is a great way to keep in touch with your childhood friends. Create a group chat to share your University experiences with each other.

Arrange for friends and family to come and visit you
Instead of escaping University and the feeling of homesickness, invite friends and family to come and visit you so you can explore your new surroundings together. Organising visits ahead of time so I had a date to look forward to really helped me when I was experiencing homesickness. 

Make your room feel homely
Bringing some home comforts to University will help your room feel more like home. Student accommodation is notorious for being... well basic, so fill your room with photos fairy lights and fun bedding.

But don’t spend all your time in your room
 Although homesickness can make you feel anxious and lethargic, don’t spend all your time in your room. Head out to the communal areas and bond with your flatmates - this will take your mind off your homesickness and make each day pass quicker rather than drag when you're alone in your room.

Experience University as much as you can
 Although you may want to hide away, make sure you fully experience University. Homesickness is only temporary so spend as much time carrying on with your daily life. Spend your days off exploring your new surroundings and making memories that will last forever.  

Finally, don’t give up
Although it may seem like the best option to leave University and choose a different route, (for some it is but don’t make any decisions in the first month or two) but like I’ve stressed in this post homesickness is temporary so don’t make any decision you may later regret.

For me homesickness feels like a lifetime away - it’s been three years since I left home for the first time to head to University. I have now graduated and am living back at home, and trust me I am so jealous of everybody heading to University this month. As I think back at my time at University, the fist few weeks of homesickness does not come to mind, the good times I experienced have overpowered the anxious times. Writing this post I had to think very hard about how I felt as my mind almost forgot about my short time dealing with homesickness.

I hope this post helped with anyone dealing with homesickness.

See you Sunday,
S  xo

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

NYFW: Our Favourite Collections

Happy Sunday everyone!

Last week we talked our favourite street style looks from New York fashion week, so it's only fair to round up the week with 3 of our favourite shows and collections each. Believe us, it was so hard to narrow it down to only 3 each, so read on to see what we were loving for NYFW!

Kate Spade 
A rainbow of colours and embellishments made up Kate Spade's S/S17 collection. As well as their holiday wardrobe inspired clothing, I fell in love with their accessories. As a tassel embellishment lover this collection was an instant win. In true Kate Spade style many pints and patterns featured in the show from feminine floral to fun stripes making this collection guaranteed to inject some personality into your wardrobe.

Vera Wang
 Vera Wang’s monochrome collection added some stylish edge to NY fashion week. The off-the-shoulder silhouette trend that is circulating the fashion world was prominent in the collection, the peplum waist also made a few appearances. This collection stood out to me as many other shows featured vibrant and neon colours making this collection somewhat more striking, and who can go wrong with monochrome?

Michael Costello 
Michael Costello has come a long way since his project runway days, his Spring Summer Collection theme was “Midnight Botanical Bash” the rich colour scheme of deep purple, red and green bought life to his theme. The ultra feminine collection included lace bodices, flowing fabric and floral embellishment; the collection was complete with oversized flower crowns. This collection will make anyone want to up their evening wardrobe.

Rebecca Minkoff
I’ve loved Rebecca Minkoff's bags for years now and only really looked at her show because of this, but I’m so glad I did!  Her use of staple pieces and classic shapes in dark colours is brilliant (despite it being a spring/summer collection - if you’re like me and wear black all year round, then you’ll approve too!) as you can really imagine yourself wearing these clothing and bag designs. Minkoff used the backdrop of a SoHo street for her catwalk collection and paid homage to New York using the personalisation of leather jackets which was such a cute idea.


J.Crew showed their signature style in this season’s collection, with menswear-esque tailored shirts, wrap-around skirts and relaxed, draped material in a white, blue, pink and khaki toned palette. I personally love this muted palette with pops of bright pink (those pom-pom bags are so cute!) and bold use of denim in the first look. They have the balance just right for mixing up tailored and relaxed styles, making this collection ultra ‘shoppable’. Models included family and friends of those who work at the company and shown in the informal style that J.Crew love, in a relaxed presentation rather than a catwalk.


Marchesa are well known for their rose-tinted, fairytale vibe dresses and whilst not exactly a clothing brand anyone can pull off for day-to-day wear, but one that I always look out for when red-carpet season rolls around. Marchesa always create beautifully detailed and feminine collections, and this season’s is no exception, with ethereal and subtle colours in tulle (lots of it) and embellishment. Inspired from a "dawn til’ dusk” colour palette, all pieces in the collection follow this pattern of the rising sun: starting with iridescent pinks and ending in black.

Now that New York fashion week has come to an end, fashion's busiest month continues with the runway shows and presentations now in full swing in London, and we can't wait to share with you our favourite collections from some of the best British designers. 
Until Next Week, 
S & K  xo
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