Monday, 11 May 2015


Welcome to another Student Monday. This morning saw the last of our University assignments being submitted for second year (crazy we know!).  This has left us with two weeks before the start of summer, and before we move out of the house we've shared for the past year, we wanted to show you where we've been completing our University work and creating blog content.

S's Work Space 
I was lucky enough to have a workspace next to a window that generates a lot of natural light. This most definitely helped when I needed to spend a lot of time working on assignments at my desk. I definitely prefer working in a light, fresh and natural area hence the colours around my desk which I've decorated in pastel hues.

I've recently begun brightening up my work area with fresh flowers; this is a great way to add colour and life to your space. Today I wanted to keep it clean and fresh so I added white roses. 

Throughout the year, I've slowly been adding to my Polaroid photo display above my desk. It's nice to look up to all the memories I have created with my friends and family over the past year.

K's Work space 
Unlike S, my room only has a tiny window so it's a bit like a cave most of the time! I don't really like to work in this sort of environment, but it's given me the excuse to buy and decorate my room with probably too many fairy lights! I've tried to keep a girly colour scheme going throughout my desk area to brighten it up on dull days.

I also love these fake peonies as they brighten up my desk area and add some colour.

I love these cute and bright postcards from Paperchase.

I bought this copper wire-frame in Tiger a little while ago as I'm obsessed with copper details in homeware. I think Tiger have brought out pastel coloured versions of this now which would be super cute for S' room.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing where we've been working for the past year, and how we've been decorating this part of our student rooms. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with Eleven Oh Seven.

See you Friday! 

S & K xo  

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