Saturday, 31 October 2015


Happy Halloween!

We can't quite believe it's already the end of October, the time seems to be really flying past now we're back at Uni full-time. We've had a hectic month with work, presentations and deadlines but made some time for ourselves too - read on to see our month through our Instagram: @eleven0hseven.

 This month we themed our posts around Halloween, with an alternative costume themed post (including Lauren Conrad's Mary Poppins idea above) and a Halloween make up post to give both us and you some inspiration for the holiday.  As we mentioned earlier, we've been super busy with Uni, so spending days at home working in our PJs has been a regular routine for us!

Along with working hard, we've made sure to treat ourselves too (an essential for post-deadline celebration) and in the form of desserts no less! Bunkhouse in Cardiff not only has the cutest interior ever, but also Nutella hot chocolates to die for. We highly recommend this place for the chilled out vibe and gorgeous treats. K also went to Roath Farmer's Market this month and had to sample something from Pwdin Cart's amazing selection of cakes and desserts. How nice is their packaging too?!

We hope you've enjoyed your October and welcomed the changing of the seasons as much as we have - hello warm coats! - and are looking forward to November with us. We'll see you soon for a post all about what the new month has in store for Eleven Oh Seven.

Happy trick-or-treating if you're celebrating Halloween tonight!
S & K  xo

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