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Chistmas Comes Early: Lush Blogger Event

Happy Sunday everyone!
 Juggling the final year of University and creating weekly content for Eleven Oh Seven has proved more difficult than we thought, so we apologise for this month's lack of posts.
 We've finally come up for air from our heavy workload and decided to get back into blogging, spurred on by an invitation to a Lush Cosmetics blogger event in Cardiff to celebrate their Christmas bath products and skincare!

As we arrived at the already busy store, we were welcomed by the staff with mince pies and mulled wine (the perfect start to a festive event) and shown around by the lovely Chloe who was super knowledgeable on everything Lush - as the staff always are. We were looking forward especially to seeing all the Christmas products in action and couldn't wait to try them out.

Bath bombs Shoot for the Stars, Golden Wonder and Father Christmas

Firstly Chloe showed us the latest Christmas collection including bath bombs, bars and melts. We had already heard great stuff about the new Magic of Christmas bubble bar, and weren't disappointed when we were given the demonstration! Packed with cinnamon, cloves and almonds, this reusable wand doesn't only look gorgeous, but also creates the perfect Christmas scent. 

We were also given demonstrations of two of our new favourite Christmas products Yog Nog and Golden Wonder. Yog Nog is the luxurious bath bomb full of clove, ylang ylang and smells good enough to eat with its toffee scent. Golden Wonder the most exciting bomb in our opinion with a centred surprise: we love the way the blue shimmers! Perfect for a Christmas eve treat!

After spending time in the bath section of the store we went upstairs to try out some new fresh face masks, as we're massive Lush mask fans! We tried a few including Rosy Cheeks which is perfect for S as it cleanses while the calamine and rose ingredients reduce redness and soften your skin. K had heard great things about Mask of Magnaminty as she has spot-prone combination skin. Not only does this product smell like mint ice-cream (so dreamy!) but the peppermint really helps to soothe skin and exfoliates too! We fell in love with these masks and just had to get them! 

Rosy Cheeks face mask


Whilst upstairs, we had a look at a few scrubs, including Rub Rub Rub (shower scrub) and K's new favourite, The Rough with the Smooth. Chloe kindly gave us both a little sample of Rub Rub Rub so we'll keep you posted on how we get on with it! It's a bright bubblegum blue colour and full of sea salt so is super exfoliating for winter skin.

After our hands and arms had all that exfoliating, we tried two of Lush's famous massage bars to finish off our Lush experience. We picked our favourite scents, with S choosing From Dusk til' Dawn  and K Wiccy Magic Muscles which were so relaxing and hydrating on the skin - it felt like we were having a mini spa treatment! After using these, your skin can feel a little greasy while the moisturising elements of the bars sink in, so Lush have come up with the best solution: sparkly, scented dusting powders! We were sold when glitter was mentioned, but First Snow (the winter glimmer edition) is gorgeous! It's not too in-your-face, but leaves a sweet-smelling dusting of sparkle over your skin - perfect if you're going out for the evening.

Lush always have the BEST gift boxes and selections for Christmas, so we couldn't help but check this year's offerings out! The packaging on them all is so inventive and colourful, they'd look beautiful under the Christmas tree. One of our favourites was Human Cannonball (HELLO confetti!) that consists of the most colourful bath bombs. Others pictured here are It's Christmas! which is a medley of all Lush's most popular festive products and Sleeps 'til Christmas that is a playful gift that counts down the days to the big day! Lush's gifts range in price from £10 all the way up to £150, so there's something to suit everyone's budget.

We couldn't help but pick up a few bits while we were in store, and the staff kindly gave us some Christmassy products to try out too! We both were obsessed with Magic of Christmas so had to buy one each and also got the face masks we tried earlier. 

K was given the cutest bath bomb Butterbear, (he lost his little nose in transit!) a vanilla-scented and highly moisturising bomb with Fair Trade cocoa butter. It smells so delicious - K is obsessed with anything vanilla scented so can't wait to try this one out! Santa's Lip Scrub is a seasonal taste of Lush's lip scrub collection that smells (and tastes!) of cola. The sugar helps buff and soften your lips, and you can lick off the excess once you're finished - perfect!

S was given Snow Angel, a marzipan-smelling, moisturising and glittery bath melt, along with Five Gold Rings bubble bar (so festive and in perfect sizes for five baths!) and the Yog Nog bath bomb we tried earlier in the evening - S can't wait to get home in the Christmas break to have baths galore with these goodies!

Magic Wand bubble bar along with Snow Angel bath melt

Shoot for the Stars and Dashing Santa bath bombs

A massive thank you again to the staff at Lush Cardiff for a lovely evening and for the products they gave us. We'll be back in again to pick up our other favourites before December starts!
Pop into your local Lush store to check out the newest seasonal products, as well as classics like Snow Fairy and Candy Mountain.

 We hope this post has gotten you feeling festive for Christmas! We have some exciting posts planned for our first Christmas at Eleven Oh Seven, so keep up to date with us here and via our social media to see what we're up to!

S & K  xo
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