Friday, 2 October 2015


Happy October everyone, 

Another month has arrived at Eleven Oh Seven and for us, October marks the start of the celebrating season! With Halloween at the end of this month, fireworks in November and Christmas in December it’s all becoming very exciting here.
This month our themed posts will be inspired by Halloween with costume ideas and our favourite halloween make up. As well as our themed posts, we'll be trying out a new blog series! We wanted somewhere to document our final year at University, so why not blog about it! We'll be talking about our creative development (and sometimes how stressed we get), and what we're up to. We're hoping this will be insightful for others thinking about studying fashion and will be something personal for us that we can look back on in years to come.

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As September has marked the start of our final year and with all our work beginning to flood in, we've decided to create weekly posts for the year instead of biweekly. This will allow us to keep our standard of posts the same without becoming too overwhelmed juggling both a blog and University work. These posts will be every Sunday: a perfect way to end/start the week. 

We hope you are excited for October with us here at Eleven Oh Seven: see you Sunday! 

S & K  xo 

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