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If like us you struggle to think of inventive Halloween costume ideas, you need to start planning them with at least a few weeks to go. Being students, we don't have the highest budget, so our motto is to make the most of what you have (and use Pinterest for inspiration!)
Here are a few of our ideas for this year - what do you think we should go for?

Pop-Art Character

Images from Pinterest

We love this pop-art pointillism theme, the idea is so inventive, even if it is super time-consuming! You'll be sure to turn heads with this impressive idea. In terms of the costume, all you'll need is bright, pop-art colours or polka dot covered items and some face-paint! A streaked wig will also add to the look. Think block colours and you're good to go! Make-up wise, just over exaggerate your features and outline in a black eyeliner. If you want to make your look more scary, check out Nicole Guerriero's pop-art zombie tutorial here.

 Wednesday Addams

Images from Pinterest

This is a bit of a classic for Halloween, but we love the simplicity of this outfit, almost as much as we love Wednesday's badass attitude. All you'll need is a black jumper-dress with a white shirt, black tights and boots. Keep your make-up simple, with pale skin, a little contour and a lot of black eyeliner. Perfect!


 Images from Pinterest

This may not be the most innovative idea for Halloween, but you can take this costume as creepy as you want. From Wizard of Oz to Batman Begins, make this character your own. We love the cutesy idea: all you'll need is a checked shirt, some dungarees, some Timberland-style boots and a floppy hat.

Mary Poppins
Images from Pinterest

We always look forward to seeing what Lauren Conrad wears for the scary holiday every year, but one of our favourites was definitely Mary Poppins. We know this isn't scary at all, but it's such a simple look to create. ASOS are doing some perfectly-fitting umbrellas at the moment too!

Little Red Riding Hood

Image from Pinterest

Being a fairy-tale, this may seem a little tame for Halloween, but you can really run with it and make it as scary as you like. This look can easily be recreated with a cute dress (a white one works best we think, especially if you want to put fake blood down it!) and a simple red cape. Carry a basket with you to complete the look.

We know it's the holiday of trick or treat, but we couldn't resist putting in a few cute ideas for costumes too - plus who doesn't love Lauren Conrad's Halloween style?!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Come back next week for the second part of this post - hair and make up!

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