Friday, 20 February 2015


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In Wales rainy days happen quite often, so we are not fazed by the thought of continuing with our daily routine in the pouring rain. Although some days we look out the window to a wet Wales and can't face leaving the house (this usually happens on the weekend). So today at Eleven Oh Seven we share our favourite things to do during a lazy rainy day:

Bake - Spending the whole day at home with nothing to do is the perfect opportunity to dust off your cake tins, be inspired by Mary Berry and get cooking! As lovers of baking we like to spend time in the kitchen on rainy days, plus you're left with delicious treats to snack on through out the day too!

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Binge TV - Netflix is S' go-to when looking for entertainment during a rainy day, and with so much choice you can spend hours binge watching a TV series' such as Gossip Girl or watch a couple of films from their large collection, all wrapped up in your duvet with some snacks of course.

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Have a Bath - There's nothing more relaxing than getting into a warm bath full of bubbles (anything from Lush or The Body Shop will do!) and being able to unwind. This fits perfectly with S' Netflix suggestion as K usually watches some sort of catch-up TV or chick-flick whilst chilling out in the bath!

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Exercise - Sometimes, when the weather's horrible outside, it can reflect on your mood. This definitely happens to us, and on days where we feel a little sluggish, we find that doing a quick cardio session (Fitness Blender on YouTube do brilliant ones) or some yoga can help boost our moods almost instantaneously. As well as being good for your health, exercise is great for making you feel good. Maybe a little sweaty, but definitely good.

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These are a few things that help get us through those rainy days. How do you like to spend your rainy days? Tweet us @eleven0hseven!

S & K  xo

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