Monday, 9 February 2015


Studying in University is so different to school or college. Whatever subject you choose, your course will require you to do the majority of your work in your own time. For queen procrastinators like us, it can be hard to manage our time wisely, especially if there's a Pretty Little Liars episode (or five) to catch up on! Plus if we want to get all our work done on time AND have a social life, it can sometimes feel impossible to accomplish both. So, we've made a little list to share with you on what we find that helps us most to keep motivated when working from home. Without further ado, here are our top tips for how NOT to procrastinate:

1. Have breaks
    It sounds silly, but if you chain yourself to your desk and try and force inspiration to strike for too long, your mind will wander and you'll end up wasting far more time than you spend actually working! So get out of the house into the fresh air or go for a coffee with a friend: this will give your mind a little breathing space.

2. Put your phone away/turn it on silent
    Do you really need to update your Insta feed every 10 minutes? It helps if you turn your email notifications off too, seeing ASOS offers isn't healthy for the working mind (or your student bank-balance!)

3. Set yourself manageable daily goals
    Don't be too ambitious, make a do-able list for yourself to accomplish throughout the day and reward yourself with a treat when you finish something. We like to look at is as motivation, not bribery!

4. Work in an appropriate environment
     Each person has a different preference for this, whether it's being cocooned in bed, sat at your desk, or in silence at the library. Finding the right working place for you is key.

5. Buddy up.
    Sometimes spending hours working on your own can be soul-crushingly boring, (believe us, we've been there), so grafting with someone else in the same room can be healthy for the both of you! It stops K from getting distracted so easily, and resorting to Facebook, that's for sure.

Going for a walk, setting up your workspace the way you want it and writing your lists down can all help beat working blues

We hope these little tips give you some help with being motivated! What're your top tips for how to stay focussed? Tweet us your suggestions @eleven0hseven, we'd love to hear from you!

S & K  xo

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