Friday, 6 February 2015


Our favourite social media platform is by far Instagram - we're obsessed! We wanted to share our most loved accounts with you, so here's our top 6 Instagram accounts you need to follow and why!



Lauren Conrad’s Instagram can only be described pure beauty, whether it’s food, d├ęcor or her adorable dogs, every Instagram picture is perfect. From composition to lighting and even her witty captions have made Lauren Conrad’s Instagram become a favourite account to date. Her Instagram account has so many followers (3.8M in fact) she has even created a blog post with advice on how to create the perfect Instagram picture.


Queen of composition Carrie Harwood is known for making a pizza slice look beautiful, Carrie’s blog wish wish wish is equally as beautiful, from fashion, beauty to travel her Instagram is a unique documentation to her picture perfect life.


Ever since visiting New York City in 2013 I have fallen in love with the stunning city. NYC’s Instagram account allows me to escape the reality of everyday life and travel 3,334 miles to the big apple from spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season in New York is captured breathtakingly. 

Film-maker and YouTuber Will Darbyshire's talent behind the lens spills onto his blog and Instagram page. His beautifully contrasty photographs document his life and travels (his photos from America at the end of last year were gorgeous); a must-follow if you have a serious case of wanderlust like I do!


Typographer, blogger and all-round creative gal; Jasmine Dowling's Instagram feed is always dreamy. Posting everything from fashion to her Australian lifestyle and of course, her gorgeous hand-generated lettering (yep, I'm a sucker for beautiful type), I couldn't not include her in our top picks!


If there was an award for making the most delicious Instagram feed, Caroline Khoo of Nectar & Stone would win, hands down. Caroline designs the most beautiful desserts in pastel shades and creative flavours - the result is heavenly! Her photos are delicately composed and always brighten up my feed #instagoals! If you're living in Australia, head on over to her shop to get your mitts on some of these gorgeous treats!

We hope you enjoy these Instagram accounts as much as we do - let us know what your fave accounts are too, we'd love to hear from you!

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Happy snapping!

S & K  xo

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