Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Happy Tuesday!
Today I'll be chatting to you about my thoughts on fake nails and my recent experience of the press-on, short term type.

 I've never had really nice, long nails as they're super brittle and split and break when I try to grow them. I also always used to bite them growing up which can't have helped!  So as I was going to a wedding, I wanted to have nice nails for the occasion. I debated whether to go for a classic nude colour or the French manicure style, but as my outfit was pink, I thought I'd add some colour to my nails and have them tie in with my dusty light blue accessories.

The Totally Bare range by Elegant Touch (I got mine in Superdrug) is perfect for creating your own look: trying out nail art, or in my case, getting the perfect shade to match your outfit.
I bought the Oval (002) nails, as I wanted the most natural shape as possible and thought that I'd better stick to easier to manage nails for a newbie like me!

I bought a nail varnish to colour-match my accessories and found the perfect shade in 'Eat My Dust' from Barry M's Speedy Quick-Dry range. I then painted the nails individually before applying them with glue. This varnish only took two coats and was perfect - not streaky at all and really the perfect summer blue shade.

Being a total perfectionist, I painted two sets of nails (you get 48 individuals in the pack in 10 different sizes to your best fit) just in case I lost or damaged any before the wedding. It's recommended to use nail polish remover on your nails first to give the glue a better chance of longer staying-power which I would totally agree with. Then after that, follow the instructions and you'll have gorgeous long nails in minutes! I'll have to admit that I couldn't stop looking at them once they were on - I may be a false nail convert now!

I've loved having long nails, even if only for little over a week, even if it does make it harder to type (I'm finally getting used to it!) and with the odd nail coming off after a few days' wear.
I'd definitely recommend these nails as they're so quick to apply and are perfect for occasions or if you just want to test them out before getting longer-lasting acrylics done!

See you on Sunday for a post from the both of us!

K  xo

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