Sunday, 7 August 2016

END OF AN ERA: We Graduated!

Happy Sunday! 

Being our final year in University, this past year has been the busiest and most academically challenging of our lives, meaning that sadly our blog had to be put on hold. After graduating and taking some well deserved time to relax, we are back on the blogging-wagon!  Today's post marks the end of an era and a beginning of a new one, by showing you what we created during our final year at University.

Here are some images of our work that progressed our skills to lead up to our final year.
We both learned to use SketchUp to create store and window designs for a merchandising module, with S continuing branding onto a webpage and app.
K also loved the illustration module to progress her collaging technique. 

Two and a half years of studying led us to the biggest project of our University education so far: our Final Major Projects. As this project equated to 60 credits of our degree, it was certainly a labour of love!  4 months were spent in the library building up (200-page!) research books, while the next 4 were spent in the University building or at our desks developing our ideas and creating our final outcomes. After what felt like the longest year, we finally bid farewell to the biggest collection of work we've produced so far, and began the 6 week project of creating our portfolios ready for Graduate Fashion Week in London!

Below shows an insight into both our FMP's: 

S created an in-depth VM Toolkit & Assortment Plan, Digital Store Design, Online & Physical Promotional Material and a curated Blogger Event for watch brand Olivia Burton.

K created a proposal to pitch a limited-edition collaboration between beauty giant M.A.C Cosmetics and shoe and accessories designer Sophia Webster, including product design and branding, layout design, photography, merchandising design (physical and online) and promotional materials.

We hope you enjoyed this more personal post about our last year at Uni and what we've been getting up to while we were away! We're so excited to start blogging more regularly again, so check for a new post from S on Tuesday!

S & K  xo 

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