Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass: OPI Nail Polish Review

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OPI has fast become one of my favorite nail polish brands; so when they released their ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ collection, inspired by the film, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Here's what I thought about this vibrant collection.


Alice Through the Looking Glass contains two OPI nail strengtheners and four colours created exclusively for the collection. Before purchasing this collection I had only heard good things about the nail strengtheners and was looking forward to trying it out myself. The strengtheners come in two colours; clear and nude. The clear gives a beautiful shine to the nail while the nude is perfect for a subtle everyday look. OPI suggests to use the nail strengthener for a week before you begin to see a difference, after a week of trying out the strengtheners I noticed that my nail bed had smoothened and became more hydrated. I also find the strengthener works well as a base coat to helps prevent colour staining. My nails feel healthier again and have become stronger; they are much less prone to chipping.

                        Fearlessly Alice                                                                   Mad For Madness Sake 

                   What's the Hatter With You                                                                     A Mirror Escape

Accompanying the two nail strengthens are four OPI colours. As mentioned above, these colours were created exclusively for this collection and feature fun names inspired by the film. The colours featured in this collection are playful, bold and vibrant; this may not be to everyone's taste but if you are a fan of brightly coloured nails then this collection will be perfect! Alongside the bright blue and pink polishes are burgundy and gold colours, perfect for the upcoming winter months.  As always the pigmentation of these nail colours are very strong the lacquer formula create a beautiful gloss finish and are long lasting. I personally love how these polishes do not fade in colour or shine even after five days.

                                     OPI.com                                                              QVC.com

OPI is a well trusted nail polish brand and the quality of their products are amazing. I love this fun and bold collection.     

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