Monday, 24 August 2015

LUSH: Summer Collection & New Products

On Tuesday evening last week, we had the pleasure of being invited to Lush in Cardiff to have a look at their new range of products and try them out. Being huge fans of Lush, (S is an advocate for their face masks!) we couldn't wait to go and see what's new this summer!

Some of the products from the Summer Collection

We were met by the lovely girls working in the store who have so much knowledge of the products and were as excited about them as we were! 

 Firstly we were shown upstairs to see the skincare and beauty. Here we sat with a lovely worker who talked us through all the different masks and ingredients and what their uses were. She was so lovely and helpful, and wanted to recommend us the best products for our skin type.

(We'll have another Lush post next week to show you what we bought and our feelings on those products. So to see which products we're trying out, stay tuned to Eleven Oh Seven next week!)

A range of new body products, including Softy, for beautifully soft feet, and Pumice Power.  
A favourite of ours was one of the new hand scrubs, Salted Coconut. It smells like heaven!


 We had a try of the new face mask that everyone is talking about, Cup O' Coffee. It smells absolutely divine!

We tried a few of the fresh face products, including Lush Favourites BB Seaweed and Ultrabland.

After browsing upstairs to see what skincare and beauty products they had to offer, we strolled downstairs to see the store's new bath and body collection. We were given the opportunity to browse and try out a lot of the new products available, along with seeing a few of the bath bombs in action! We especially loved Experimenter, Yoga Bomb (that fizzes for around 8 minutes, double the normal Lush bombs) and of course, Frozen, inspired by the film in a swirl of blue hues.


If you're big fans of Lush soaps, you'll want to see the new ones they have on offer! S loved Devil's Nightcap, with an earthy aroma, while K's favourite was Serendipity: a mix of calming and soothing ingredients like chamomile and lavender. 

We also had a quick test of some of the new shower products. Life's a Beach, Rub Rub Rub and The Rough With The Smooth left our arms feeling as smooth and exfoliated as anything!

Here are new bath bombs Experimenter and Intergalactic fizzing away, we love how Guardians of the Galaxy inspired this second product: it really looks like a swirling, colourful cosmos!


We also got chatting to the lovely Meg in the store who was super knowledgeable about the new Lush Spa treatments (the closest one to Cardiff is Bath). They sound like more of an experience than a treatment, and we can't wait to book ourselves onto one in the near future! 

 Lush pride themselves on being a "100% vegetarian" and ethical brand that knows where the ingredients for their products come from and only source them from suppliers that don't test on animals, ever. They also like to use as many natural ingredients as possible to keep things kind to our skin, without sacrificing the effectiveness, scent or gorgeousness of their products. With a combination like that, (and staff who are so willing to help!) who wouldn't want to try out their stuff?!

A massive thank you goes to the staff at the Lush Cardiff store for holding and inviting us to this event, it was such a fun and informative evening and we can't wait to show you what we got in the next few weeks!

S & K  xo

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