Wednesday, 26 August 2015

LATE SUMMER DREAMING:The Ultimate Stationery Post

If you haven't already guessed we LOVE stationery! From notebooks to planners and pens, we love it all and with a new academic year approaching, it's the perfect time to stock up on our stationary favourites!

S' Stationery Loves
 When it comes to stationery I love colour, in particular pastels. These Sharpies will make any shopping or daily list look pretty. The start of an academic year is for me the best time to start a new planner and diary and after K introduced me to the duck egg blue Anthropologie diary, it has sat on the top of my stationery wish list. The Kate Spade tackle box is a stationery's addict dream. From paper clips to pencil sharpeners, it has everything you need. Bees have become an obsession of mine as of late, I even have a bee phone case here so this busy bee note pad is a favourite of mine. During my time at University, desk planners have been my life saviour which means I couldn't not add in a desk planner. 

1.  Pens - Sharpie 
2.  Diary/Planner - Anthropologie
3.  Notebook - Sloane Stationery
4.  Tackle Box - Kate Spade
5.  Desk Planner - Abigail Warner

K's Stationery Loves
I'm the same as S when it comes to stationery, I love pastels and neutral tones! This yearly time planner from Kiki K is a recent one on my wishlist after finding them on Instagram - I'm obsessed! I'm a known list-queen and am always making daily 'notes-to-self', so this list notepad and weekly list planner are absolutely perfect for me. Washi tape is also a new obsession of mine - it's cute to decorate with and also super handy to stick things up whilst adding a little colour. As for my last three stationery loves, you can't go wrong with a classic Moleskine notebook or Stabilo pens! And this Kate Spade gold stapler is just too gorgeous not to include, right?!

1.  Planner - Kiki. K
2.  Notepad - Katie Leamon
3.  Weekly Desk Organiser - Rifle Paper Co.
4.  Notebook - Moleskine
5.  Stapler - Kate Spade
6.  Washi Tape - MT Tape at Nouvelle Daily
7.  Coloured Pens - Stabilo

Hopefully this post makes you want to buy 10,000 notebooks. As you read this post we'll be buying everything from the list above!

See you Sunday!
S & K  xo

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