Thursday, 6 August 2015


For today's post we're introducing this month's theme. Around this time each year as the summer season is near its change, we always begin to think about decor and creating a new look for our living spaces. As we are still in University, we always feel that September is more of a new beginning for us than January, and with S moving into a new house and K creating spaces to call her own, this is a first look into our current decor inspiration and style. So here are some of our favourite interior styles paired with items from our wish list. 

Office decor has become very popular as of late. An office can be one of your most personal rooms in the home; it's a space that you don't have to share, meaning that you can truly go wild with your personal style and taste. We love being able to personalise an office space with a gallery wall full of photos and a light up letter for the table. We also love this lamp from John Lewis, but for a cheaper option, Tiger also sell a similar one.
                  Drawers: Debenhams            Light Letter: Etsy             Frame: Paperchase            Lamp: John Lewis            Planner: Etsy 

We feel that your bedroom is one of the places in a house (especially if you're sharing!) that you can truly make your own, so go for it! Let your style and tastes shine through in your decor choice: little details can say as much as bold items too, like these gorgeous string lights combined with the wooden ladder.
Throw: Asda,    Lights: The Little House Shop,    Mirror: H&M,    Faux Sheepskin Rug: IKEA,    Plant Stand: IKEA

We feel that the kitchen is well and truly the heart of the home; it's where you probably spend most of your time, either cooking an easy weekday meal or having friends over for a weekend takeaway, so it needs to feel loved with its decor. A trend that we're falling head over heels for lately is copper and rose gold and we couldn't resist adding a bit of this colour in our kitchen.

                         Kettle: NEXT                       Plate: H&M                           Toaster: NEXT                         Cups: NEXT

 For some, a bathroom can be a room of escape and relaxation, so choose items that will suit your needs! We love neutral tones for a bathroom, but our tip is to choose a colour and stick to it. We've chosen these copper accessories for storage (this basket is a firm favourite), and the green in the aloe adds a pop of natural colour.
 Basket: H&M,        Revitalise Candle: Chloe Jane Candle Co,       Vase: H&M,       Aloe Plant: Ikea,       Candle Holder: H&M 

We had so much fun creating this post today: it's clear to see that we LOVE home interiors, so check out more of our home inspiration on our Pinterest board!  Remember to follow us on Twitter & Instagram too! 

See you Sunday 
S & K  xo

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