Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Trend Watch: Embroidered Fashion

Hello Everyone!

One of my favourite trends that is currently dominating the high street is embroidered clothing. If you have visited the high street lately or scrolled through ASOS, you will have most definitely seen this eye-catching trend. I’ve been loving seeing this fun trend circulating Instagram and Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it out myself.

I first purchased an embroidered bomber jacket. I fell in love with this River Island jacket as soon as I saw it! The embroidered roses bring life to the jacket and turn it from a staple piece of clothing into a statement piece. The dark red colour of the roses against the satin material makes this jacket perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter months.

After buying my bomber jacket, I couldn’t wait to add to my embroidery collection. These Topshop mom jeans are the perfect pair for me; I had been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans for months so you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these embroidered ones! I love how the floral detail is on both the top and the bottom of the leg, as if the flowers were growing up the leg. These jeans are so easy to wear, paired with a tucked in white top and trainers it's the ideal weekend outfit.

Topshop                                                                   River Island

I have a feeling that these two items of clothing will not be the only embroidered garments I will indulge in buying this season. I just love the extra detail embroidery adds to my wardrobe!! Let us know if you're loving the trend and which embroidered items you've spotted in the high street. 

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