Sunday, 12 July 2015

SUMMER CELEBRATIONS: Ice Cream & Cocktail Party

Happy Sunday and welcome to the second part of our Summer Celebrations series here at Eleven Oh Seven.

Following on with this month's theme and last week's post all about summer birthday parties, this week we decided to create a post inspired by two of our favourite things; ice cream and cocktails! Throwing an ice cream and cocktail party is not only interesting, fun and a little bit different to the norm, this style of event can be budget-friendly with a lot of it being D.I.Y, and would be a great and relaxing event to create lasting memories with friends and family. Today we'll be giving you a little inspiration into how to throw one of these parties, whether pastel fits your palette, or rustic is more your thing.


When thinking of ice cream, pastel colours always come to mind. Instead of trying to fight this stereotypical colour scheme, we decided to embrace and celebrate it. Pastels and summer are the perfect combination, with light and refreshing colours against the backdrop of blue skies and the green grass of your garden. We think this sounds idyllic!


A rustic aesthetic has become a popular choice for many recently and we couldn't agree more. This aesthetic is perfect for a country garden and a hot summers day. Creating this look at home doesn't have to be expensive (although we'd love our own circus-esque lightbulb letters!), the beauty of a rustic look is that it can be created with an eclectic mix of woods found in and around your home or collected over time from different country walks.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for throwing your own cocktail and ice-cream station event. Even if it's incorporating these ideas into a birthday party or even wedding event!

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We hope you've been enjoying your weekends, whether that's spent outside in the sunshine or with plenty of junk food and Netflix!
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