Sunday, 26 July 2015


Welcome to our last Summer Celebrations post! This week, we're talking about throwing dinner parties in the summer season.

When talking about entertaining outside, many tend to think about parties in the garden, but one of S' fondest summer memories is having dinner on a secluded beach in Portugal.  There's something very special and calming about the beach, that's why one of our favourite alternative locations to host a summer dinner party would be on a quiet beach at sunset.

Being in the UK, the weather may not always do what we want it to, so hosting your dinner party indoors is always a safe option. You can dress your table as formal or as casual as you like: we love the versatility of a dinner party! For summer dinner parties, we like to serve our guests inside and then progress to the garden for after-dinner drinks.

A few of our top tips for hosting the perfect dinner party:

Create the perfect playlist. Depending on the occasion for your event, the music choice will need to change to suit that, and your guests.

. You may have already noticed, but we here at Eleven Oh Seven love our decor design. Creating and choosing a theme for your dinner party will pull everything together, and make your event look polished and professional.

Seating Plan. Pre-planning where people will sit is an essential to some, especially if you want to avoid over-dinner arguments (think Real Housewives!)

We hope you've enjoyed our theme for this month and found some inspiration for your summer celebrations!
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