Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My top Four Favorite Nail Polish brands

Hello everyone! 

As you may know by now, I am obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with nail polishes. I recently wrote a post about OPI Alice through the looking glass collection where I touched upon my love for nail polishes. Writing that post made me think about my unnecessarily

large collection ((of polishes)), this oversized collection currently features 7 brands. Throughout many years I have tried many brands and wanted to share with you today my current top four favourite brands. 


OPI is a new found love for me. When my mother introduced my to the brand, I fell in love with the formula, the colour lacquer creates a gloss finish without even adding a top coat. The OPI formula also lasted a really long time which is perfect! 


When looking for glitter and sparkle I turn to Ciaté. They have the best collection of nail glitter, sequins and caviar in every colour you can think of. Their annual advent calendar features all the glitz and glam a girl could ask for, I seriously can't wait to see what this year's calendar looks like. 


The cheapest brand in my top four, L'Oreal which is priced at £4.99 has upped their game this year with their polishes. The colours and tones featured in their collection reminds me of Essie's colours and at almost half the price you can buy twice as much! 


I always used to treat myself to an Essie nail polish at the end of a University term or after a large deadline. The variety of colours made choosing one so hard. I am also loving their top coat at the moment, its formula adds longevity and shine to a manicure. 

So as you can see I LOVE my nail polishes and always on the look out to try more, so if any of you know of any brands that you love and think I should try comment below as I feel 86 isn't enough polishes for one collection haha! 

See you Sunday,
S  xo 

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