Saturday, 26 March 2016

Why We Love an Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter everyone! 
Easter weekend has finally arrived. For some, Easter can be a more enjoyable holiday than even Christmas with much less hype and stress. With more time off work, Easter can truly be a time to enjoy with family and friends. The Easter holiday also means a four day weekend here in the UK, something that doesn't happen often. So with that said, today's post is all about four reasons we love Easter weekend!

1. Time to relax: With a four day weekend, Easter is the perfect time to relax and recharge our batteries. It's the perfect opportunity to make more time for ourselves whether it's having a few hours extra in bed or taking some time in the afternoon to relax in the bath with some Easter inspired bath products. Lush have a beautiful Easter/Spring collection which we talked about in our previous post.

2. Seeing family and friends: Easter for many families is the first major holiday after Chistmas when the whole family will be sitting around the same table enjoying each other's cooking and company. The Easter weekend is also a great opportunity to meet and catch up with friends.

3. Films: Like Christmas, in the UK many of the TV channels will be showing old films throughout Easter weekend. We personally can't wait to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Sunday afternoon!

4. Treats: Finally, how could we talk about the Easter weekend without mentioning chocolate?! The one weekend when not eating chocolate is frowned upon, we will most definitely be enjoying an egg or two before the weekend is over!

We hope you all are enjoying your Easter weekend and eat as many chocolate eggs as possible!
 See you next week,

S & K  xo

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