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Hello all!
You may have noticed our absence from blogging over the past few months due to our crazy Uni work schedules, so what better than our first post back to be a Lush-inspired one!

Last month, we were invited to Lush Cardiff's most recent blogger event to celebrate the new season product releases for Easter and Spring. So if you're on a chocolate detox, or fancy giving someone something a little different this Easter weekend, read on to see what Lush have to offer!

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

When we arrived, we were met by the lovely Aimée who showed us around the Spring and Easter products. How cute are those ladybird bubble bars?!  A definite favourite for us was Fluffy Egg: if you love the Christmas Snow Fairy scent, then this bath bomb is for you! Not only does it smell super candy-sweet but also turns your bath the most gorgeous shade of pink.

Easter favourite Golden Egg is back and is as glittery as ever! This product doubles up as a bath bomb and a melt, allowing the cocoa butter and scented oils to be slowly released into your bath, making it feel super luxurious and relaxing.  Bubble bar Bunch of Carrots is also back and has had a colourful update, with the pink and purple additions! These are another favourite for us after having a demo from Aimée and smelling the gorgeous citrus-scent from the bergamot and lemon oils. These are also reusable, making it a great option if you're looking for a longer-lasting product.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow soap is just gorgeous to look at with it's bright colour and iridescent sheen (it's so impressive as a whole, as all of the Lush soaps are!) but also smells divine - with a subtle fruity undertone. K is yet to use hers but can't wait! Also, how lovely is this patterned paper?! Another Lush touch - great for gift-giving purposes!

Other Easter favourites were bath bombs Humpty Dumpty and Which Came First. Both products can be used across three baths, due to their amazing design. When cracked, these bath bombs reveal another element inside! Perfect for little ones to get involved or if you love little surprises. As we mentioned, you can split these across a few baths, or pop the whole thing in for a super indulgent one!

Lush also have a range of amazing Easter-themed gifts, from the Rainbow box above (featuring two products) to the adorable Humpty Dumpty-themed Good Egg below (featuring six products).

After testing the new products, we headed upstairs to have a look at the shower goodies and (no surprise here) face masks.

We'd heard about shower jellies before, but hadn't tried them out and were a bit unsure of how well they'd work! Bouncy Bunny is the cutest addition to the shower jelly family, and after a demo, we were sold. The product was so soft on the skin and smells lovely and citrus-y. Plus shower jellies only take a little lathering and are reusable, definitely worth the money.

While upstairs, we chatted to Aimée about Lush's haircare range, shower creams and fresh face masks. American Cream hair conditioner leaves your hair silky smooth (frizzy ends and all) and smells faintly of strawberries and vanilla cream. We were both obsessed with this product and had to get it!

As you may know, we're both Lush face mask obsessives, and at least one of us buys one every time we visit the store! Cupcake smells so chocolatey, it's hard not to eat! This mask works as a deep cleanser, with the cocoa powder drawing out impurities from the skin. Since K has more spot-prone skin, this product is great to give your face a deep clean and leaves it feeling silky soft.
K also stocked up on her favourite shower cream: The Comforter.

The amazing team at Lush Cardiff gave us all little bags of goodies to take home and try (thank you!) from the new collection: Ladybird, Fluffy Egg, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Rose Bombshell, pictured below!

Rose Bombshell bath bomb is beautifully rose-scented (as the name hints) and includes yellow rose petals inside as you can see here. It's a little larger than regular Lush bombs, and this really comes through in the strength of the floral scent and lovely pink colour the bath turns!

We love these evenings as not only do we get to see all the new products in action, but get to have a good chat to the girls who work there and can recommend us other products depending on our skin type etc.  A huge thank you again to all the staff at Lush Cardiff for putting on another amazing event and for giving us some goodies to try!

S & K  xo

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