Friday, 3 April 2015


Welcome to April at Eleven Oh Seven!

This month we have a lot going on being our Easter holidays and with us enjoying a well-deserved break from Uni and being inspired by the upcoming festival season (did someone say Coachella?!) this is what we have planned!

With Coachella happening next month (the weekend that for us kick-starts the festival season), here at Eleven Oh Seven we decided to create a month long series every Friday called 'Festival Friday'. Each week we will create a festival guide covering everything you'll need to know: from fashion style to essentials.

Since S has gone back home for the Easter break, she shows you around her home town. From the breathtakingly beautiful landscape to Heavenly Ice Cream, we show you the town S calls home.

Even though Easter is a time to chill out and recharge your batteries (especially if you're in Uni or school with a long break like us!), it also means that exam-season is coming up, starting in May. This month, we share some of our top tips to cope with exam-related stress and the best ways we feel we can prepare for them.

Source: Lauren Conrad

We hope all of you are enjoying your Bank Holiday today and have an eggcellent Easter weekend!

Until next time,

S & K  xo

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