Friday, 24 April 2015

FESTIVAL FRIDAY: Festival Essentials

Today is the final instalment of our Festival Friday series, and today we talk through some of our festival essentials to help you have the most enjoyable time at a festival. Here are our top 5 things we think you should take with you to make your festival experience that little bit easier!

Baby Wipes & Anti-Bacterial Gel
These will be your best friend during a festival weekend! Realistically you will not have the opportunity to shower, and if you do you'll probably take one look at the facilities and decide that going with out a shower is better. In this case baby wipes are a crucial way for you to freshen up in-between showers. Anti-bacterial gel will be used by the gallon over the three days with sleeping in mud and dare I mention the portaloos?! Plus the soaps in the loos are not the best either.

Dry Shampoo
When the time comes that your hair needs a wash after a few days of festival-ing and your hair feels a little dull, dry shampoos are perfect to have in your travel bag. They're quick and easy to use and it'll transform your tired hair and add volume. Batiste are our favourite, they do a great range of dry shampoos in a range of scents and are super affordable.

Source: Pinterest

Food Package
Festivals are filled with all different fast food trucks from Chinese to Mexican cuisines, the options are endless. With that said, the prices can sometimes be steep and eating greasy takeaway food for three days can take its toll and by the night of day two you're probably going to be craving some lighter snacks. This is why taking a food package filled with energy fuelled on-the-go snacks is a definite essential for us. This cute package idea we found on Pinterest may be a little too ideal but we love it!

Source: Pinterest

Especially with British festivals, wellies are essential (and more importantly, they go with everything). Whether it's rainy or sunny, the amount of walking (and dancing!) that happens on the festival fields, you need some comfy footwear that'll create a barrier for all the mud and spilled drinks! Ella Eyre is rocking the welly-boot style here with a pair of well-worn Hunters.

Source: Pinterest

Finally, don't forget to pack your Polaroid camera to capture all those unforgettable moments.

We hope you find this list helpful when it comes to packing for festival season this year. What festivals are you heading off to? Let us know on our Twitter account! We hope you enjoyed our Festival Friday series.

Until Monday,

S & K  xo

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